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Time Is Money

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Few consultants know what the phrase “time is money” really means to a real estate developer.

The idea that there is a perpetual interest clock  that interest is continually accruing with every passing second, is known all too well by those engaged in developing property.

At Tall Timber Consulting, we understand the need to move through the pre-construction process smoothly, yet rapidly. The design and permitting timeframe needs to be as short as possible to reduce the developer’s interest carry for the project.

That’s why we quarterback the development team and sequence the approvals to cut the timeframe from due diligence through project design, site plan approval, civil permitting, platting and every other task necessary to bring the project out of the ground.

At the same time, our clients count on us to provide rigorous attention to detail and enjoy unparalleled personal service. After all, cutting time is one thing. Cutting corners is something completely different.

Time is ticking.

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Dave Yorgason
Real Estate Consultant
14254 West Battenberg Drive
Boise, Idaho 83713
Phone: 208-850-1070
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Email: dyorgason6@gmail.com

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